Lion's Club of Thiruvanmiyur


How it began
Members of the Club are aware that the future of a nation depends on its youth. This perhaps explains how the club right from the first day has encouraged an active participation of its cubs in its various activities and programmes and how even before it mellowed into a well established unit, it launched an exclusive youth wing.

In its second year of existence itself, that is, in 1971-72, the Club sponsored the Leo Club of IIT, through the initiative of Dr.K.Krishnamurthy. It functioned successfully up to 1979. But most of its members crossed the upper age limit and left the Institute after completing their term. They were not able to recruit members from among their juniors and so the Club became defunct.

Again in 1985 an independent Leo Club of Thiruvanmiyur was started with A.R.Krishnan as Leo Advisor. It was not attached to any Institution. Yet it was a vibrant club with enthusiastic Leos drawn from the families of Lion members as well as from outside. Some of the active Leos were Jayanthi, daughter of Ln.S.K.R.Murthy, Vaidyanathan, son of Ln. V.Rajappa, Madhusudan and Nandakumar, sons of Ln.A.R.Krishnan, Radha Mohan, now a famous cine director, Sonia Raj and so on. Leo Advisors, like A.R.Krishnan, V.Rajappa, L.Ashok and V.M.Chandrasekar took keen interest and motivated them. Later as the days passed, many left for pursuing higher studies or for professional reasons and the club could not survive beyond 1993-1994. The idea of sponsoring another Leo Club was shelved until the right circumstances surfaced.

A grand revival
It was Karikalan’s entry into the Club that caused the youth movement to be revived. Karikalan was a former Rotarian and currently Pro-Chancellor Academy of Maritime Education and Training, popularly AMET University, located in Kanathur on East Coast Road.

The Club, through the efforts of P.S.Rou, made use of Karikalan to start a Leo Club, to be named Leo Club of AMET University, comprising some of its students. The Club held a meeting of prospective Leos at the University campus on 19th December 2009. PCC P.S.Rou, V.Ravichandran, currently District Chairman of Leo Clubs of Dt. 324 A1, S. Manikandan and Prof. Jaffar Hussein addressed an impressive gathering of more than 100 students, all prospective Leos, to tell them about the Leo movement and the role of Leos in Lionism. Seated in a resplendent assembly hall was row after row of students all in their immaculate white uniforms of the University with military discipline worn on them. The icing on the cake was the address of Rajiv Vohra of Lions Club of Leo City, himself a former Leo and a Leo Council Chairman and now a Dist. Chairperson. His account of his rise from the ranks of a tongue-tied Leo member to the present effective speaker at large gatherings of Lions Clubs indeed made a very strong impression on the minds of the prospective members. Sriram, as pro-tem Chairman, was assigned the specific task of enlisting members and to organize election of office bearers of the Leo Club for the year 2009-10. Prof. Jaffer Hussein was the Faculty Advisor and additionally and more conveniently, a Lion himself. S.Manikandan was the Leo Advisor with members, Tamil Oli, K.L.Vasantha Kumar helping him. At a meeting held on 6/2/10 the following were elected office bearers for 2009-10: President: Vishnu Vinod; I Vice President: T.Vignesh; II Vice President: Yogesh KrishnaKumar; Secretary: Srinath; Treasurer: Harsha,K.V.S.R. .

The current team of Office bearers are:
President: Yogesh, Secretary: Sreenath and Treasurer: Harsha.

The zeal with which the Leos participated in several Blood donation camps organized at AMET University campus is to be seen to be believed. Lion Ashok’s cousin was in need of blood during the course of a surgery. No sooner the Leos were informed, a contingent of Leos having the required blood group landed at the hospital and gave blood.

We are certain that the seed has been sown for a self-sustaining movement maturing into responsible, service minded group of Lions from this section of the community. Let us hope that this Leo Club of AMET University will go from strength to strength for a long number of years and will be an asset to the members themselves, the University, the Lions Club of Thiruvanmiyur, Lionism as such and the community.



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